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Acupuncture Northampton Northamptonshire (NN1): If you have been experiencing a medical problem and traditional medical care has failed to give you any relief, it could be time to try something completely different, and acupuncture might be just what you are looking for. Naturally it is going to be contingent on precisely what illness you happen to be experiencing, however acupuncture is helpful for all kinds of pains, ailments and aches. Acupuncture is not just applied to relieve certain health conditions, because some folks in Northampton have regular treatments as a way to sustain health and wellness.

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Acupuncture is used widely to treat sleeping disorders, stress, lower back pain, arthritis, postoperative pain and headaches and can be practiced on patients of any age, even babies. The finest acupuncturists will normally be registered with the BAcC (British Acupuncture Council), therefore when you are in search of an acupuncturist in Northampton, ensure that they are registered with this reputable body.

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About Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an old Chinese medical practice when fine needles are placed in the sufferer's skin to get restorative results. Armed with the proper training an acupuncturist will be able to eliminate health conditions which conventional medical avenues have failed to cure, and is particularly effective with issues like sleeping disorders, stress, lower back pain, arthritis, postoperative pain and headaches. A pseudoscience and alternative therapy which is practiced throughout the world, acupuncture is a leading component of traditional Chinese medicine along with stuff like exercise (qigong), dietary therapy, massage (tui na), cupping therapy, gua sha, herbal medicine and bonesetter (die-da).

Practiced for more than 3,000 yrs, acupuncture was implemented as a method of opening the energy channels to free the circulation of life force, or Qi (pronounced chee), to help with pain relief. Focusing on the stimulation of the nerve endings situated just under the skin, modern medical acupuncture therapy enhances the release of endorphins to soothe pain and irritation throughout the entire body. The beneficial effects of acupuncture treatments have been thoroughly reviewed and confirmed for a wide variety of medical disorders. If you are afflicted by one of the stress related illnesses such as depression, panic attacks and anxiety, you might discover that the use of acupuncture can help you to overcome them.

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Prior to your first treatment session, you will discuss with a consultant acupuncturist your symptoms and you'll be asked a couple of general questions with regards to your personal lifestyle and general health and wellness. Guage you and your issue, and designing a plan of treatment that'll be suitable for your precise requirements, is the intent of this preliminary appointment. From time to time it may even be the case that two patients will receive 2 completely different treatment solutions despite the fact that they have identical symptoms. So, don't be nonplussed if you come across someone else in Northampton who is receiving a different course of treatment, even though they are affected by exactly the same issues as you are.

In the course of treatment, the fine needles are inserted into the body's meridian lines which correspond to the symptoms. Such insertion points are frequently in locations that you would not immediately associate with the problem being treated. One example could be that in order to relieve a severe headache the acupuncturist could place a needle in the meridian point located on the sufferer's hand. Many of the commonly used meridian points are located in the legs and lower limbs, so when you are attending an acupuncture appointment, wearing loose clothes to enable quick access is usually sensible.

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Undergoing an acupuncture treatment session can frequently leave you feeling sleepy and weary. You need to organize your day so that you won't need to drive right after you've been through the treatment. It is crucial that you let your body recuperate in a natural way, allowing it time to relax for a while before you continue your day. Considering this feeling of lethargy could possibly continue for a couple of hours, work plans may be affected, so make allowances for this beforehand.

Bundled within the "acupuncture" discipline are numerous different kinds of treatment, some that have their own distinct purposes and some which are standalone therapies. A few of these treatments can be found in the Northampton area, for others you will need to go elsewhere. Among the more recognised of the related techniques are electro-acupuncture, sonopuncture, Japanese acupuncture, dry-needling acupuncture, Chinese acupuncture, Tui Na massage, cupping therapy, auriculotherapy, fire needling, acupressure, cosmetic acupuncture, bee venom acupuncture, moxibustion, trigger point acupuncture and tuina.

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The Credibility of Acupuncture

The Credibility of Acupuncture

There have been numerous trials and scientific studies that have sought to disprove or prove the validity of acupuncture as a pain treatment and the outcomes of such trials have been mainly inconclusive. A lot of people believe that there is no scientific grounds for why acupuncture should work and reject it as pure "quackery". Other critics postulate that any positive benefits that have transpired are the result of the "placebo" effect, where if a patient believes it's going to work, that's exactly what WILL actually happen. Thus, the "cure" was psychological and in no way medical. A lot of the trials carried out have attempted to negate the placebo effect by dividing patients with similar ailments into 2 groups, one group given real acupuncture, the other group given "fake" acupuncture. Most of these studies have in fact indicated that the "placebo effect"is more tenable than any true medical benefit resulting from acupuncture.

As with a lot of things in life, you will only find out if acupuncture works if you try. So, should you have a medical problem which has been tormenting you for some time, and conventional medical treatments have been unable to remedy the issue, you might look at acupuncture to see if that can help you. If you get a bit of relief, no matter how small, then it could be considered successful even if the end result was simply down to the placebo effect.

Moxibustion Northampton

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The burning or dried mugwort (moxa) to stimulate and warm acupoints on specific parts of the body, is known as moxibustion (or moxa therapy), it is frequently used along with tui na and acupuncture. The moxa (mugwort) can be applied via various procedures including: attaching it to the end of an acupuncture needle, as a moxa stick - a cigar shaped contraption which is burnt at one end and in a cone shaped form which is positioned on a protective medium directly onto the body. Moxa therapy is applied to heat up the body, stimulate the circulation and promote healing. Moxa therapy is frequently employed for arthritis, pain relief, lack of energy, digestive problems and infertility. Moxibustion Breech - Sometimes pregnant ladies with breech babies, seek moxibustion treatments to rectify this breech position (generally at 32-38 weeks). (Tags: Moxibustion Breech Northampton, Moxibustion Treatments Northampton, Moxibustion Northampton, Moxa Therapy Northampton)

The Popularity of Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Pain Relief Northampton

Although acupuncture is now being more and more accepted as an effective treatment, it is still viewed by the medical community to be one of the alternative therapies, one of the most favoured, yet still "alternative". It has been calculated that British Acupuncture Council members perform approximately 2.3 million acupuncture procedures per year and there are a consistently escalating number of dedicated individuals learning to become acupuncture practitioners throughout the UK. Acupuncture is currently generally recognised as a valuable therapy for a number of diverse complaints and illnesses and much of the stigma that once was associated with it has mostly faded.

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