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Acupuncture Crewe Cheshire (CW1): If you have been going through traditional medical practices and they've failed to give you a solution to your medical condition, it might be beneficial to try one of the so called "alternative therapies" for instance acupuncture or acupressure. Acupuncture can be used on all kinds of pains, ailments and aches, though obviously any sort of treatment that you take would depend on what issue you're suffering from. Acupuncture is not only applied to assist with particular health issues, but some folks in Crewe undergo repeated treatments because they wish to sustain health and well being.

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Used widely for the relief of anxiety, dental pain, neck pain, insomnia, migraine headaches and arthritis, acupuncture can be given to patients of any age, even babies and toddlers. Whilst acupuncture as well as other "alternative therapies" are more or less unregulated at the moment, it would be advisable to make sure you get a therapist in Crewe who is certified and who is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

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What is Acupuncture?: The procedure where fine needles are inserted into the person's skin for therapeutic reasons is known as acupuncture, and is an age old Chinese procedure that has been around for thousands of years. With the appropriate training an acupuncturist will be able to get rid of discomforts which conventional medical practices have tried unsuccessfully to cure, and is particularly helpful with ailments like anxiety, dental pain, neck pain, insomnia, migraine headaches and arthritis. A principal component of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) alongside stuff like dietary therapy, herbal medicine, massage (tui na), exercise (qigong), cupping therapy, gua sha and bonesetter (die-da), acupuncture is an alternative therapy and pseudoscience which is used throughout the world.

The treatment has been used for upwards of three thousand years and was implemented as a way of opening your energy channels to free the flow of life force, or Qi (pronounced chee) which moves round the body. Concentrating on stimulating the nerve endings located just under the surface of the skin, modern medical acupuncture raises the secretion of endorphins to alleviate irritation and pain around the body. If you've got any doubts regarding the helpfulness of what was once considered a "quack" remedy, you can be assured that the beneficial aspects of acupuncture treatments have been thoroughly analyzed and recognized for a wide variety of medical maladies, and studies have been published with the evidence found. If you are afflicted by one of the stress related problems such as panic attacks, depression and anxiety, you may find that acupuncture therapies can help you in overcoming them.

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If you have never received acupuncture before the initial stage is an assessment prior to your first session, where you can discuss your symptoms with a consultant acupuncturist and asked a few general questions about your lifestyle. This aids the acupuncture professional to formulate a treatment plan designed exclusively for your needs. Occasionally there might even be a scenario where two patients will be given 2 completely different treatment options in spite of the fact that they've got exactly the same symptoms. So it's possible you'll know others in Crewe with similar complaints to you who've undergone some other kind of acupuncture treatment.

As soon as the acupuncture treatment starts, small needles will be introduced in the body's meridian lines which are associated with the sufferer's problems. These insertion points are generally in places that you would not immediately associate with the problem being treated. One example could be that in an effort to treat a severe headache the therapist might place needles into the meridian point on the sufferer's hand. Many of the commonly used meridian points are found in the legs and lower limbs, so when booked in for an acupuncture appointment, wearing loose clothing to facilitate quick access is usually recommended.

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The experience of an acupuncture procedure can sometimes make you experience fatigue and lethargy. You ought to organize your day so you don't have to drive directly after you've been given your treatment. It is vital that you allow your body to recoup naturally, allowing it time to rest for a while before you continue your day. Work plans can also be impacted given that this feeling of listlessness can maybe continue for a few hours.

Incorporated in the acupuncture discipline are various different types of treatments, some which have their distinct purposes and others which are standalone procedures. A handful of these are available in the Crewe area, for others you may need to search elsewhere. Some of the most used procedures include: moxibustion, trigger point acupuncture, Chinese acupuncture, sonopuncture, tuina, cupping therapy, dry-needling acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, fire needling, acupressure, Japanese acupuncture, auriculotherapy and some less well known ones.

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Acupuncture - Does it Really Work?

Does Acupuncture Work?

"Does acupuncture work?" is a standard question that's often asked and I imagine there is no conclusive answer such a question considering it is rather subjective and depends upon precisely who you ask. Some acupuncture patients in Crewe might say "it is excellent and transformed my life", because it apparently had a positive effect on their complaint, whilst other patients may say "it doesn't work" as it did not work for their condition. There's always considerable doubt about the authenticity and veracity of any procedures, especially complementary and alternative therapies. So these disparities are not really surprising.

The Validity of Acupuncture

The Credibility of Acupuncture

Various trials and studies have been conducted in recent times to try and disprove or prove the credibility of acupuncture and the results of such tests have not come to any clear and definitive conclusions. A lot of people believe that acupuncture is simply quackery, having no basis for why it works in the ways claimed by its practitioners. Other critics advocate that any positive effects that have transpired are a consequence of the "placebo" effect, where if a patient believes it is going to work, that is exactly what WILL in fact happen. Put simply, the cure was a psychological one rather than a medical one. A lot of the tests performed have attempted to negate the placebo effect by dividing patients with similar conditions into 2 groups, one group given genuine acupuncture, the other group given "fake" acupuncture. Even though the results have been confused, most apparently lean in the direction of the "placebo effect" being the most likely.

With all things considered, the only possible way to ascertain if acupuncture works for you is to try it out and see. So, should you have a condition which has been bothering you persistently, and your doctor has been unable to address the condition, you could look into acupuncture to find out if that can benefit you. Should you feel some relief, regardless how minor, then it might be viewed as a success even if the result was simply down to the placebo effect.

The Popularity of Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Pain Relief Crewe

Even though acupuncture is nowadays being more and more accepted as a helpful therapy, it is still considered by the medical profession to be one of the alternative treatments, one of the most popular, yet still "alternative". there is an growing number of committed individuals training to become acupuncture practitioners in the United Kingdom, and its been calculated that members of the British Acupuncture Council do somewhere near 2 million acupuncture treatments per year. Generally accepted these days as a valuable therapy for a number of different ailments and illnesses and most of the stigma that was once associated with acupuncture has been largely forgotten.

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